Photography is the most powerful way of describing your essence and of showing who you can be.

It allows your reality and your fantasy to exist together in the same moment.



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With a portfolio that includes everything from

top models to blue-chip clients,

Candice is the photographer who you want behind the lens.

A review from a recent client:

"Candice has been instrumental in delivering brilliant content. Definitely one of the best professional photographers. Fast, professional and huuuuge attention to detail.

Definitely use ThroughMyLens."

Some photographers try to be everything to everyone.

But, no one can be an expert at everything. 

So it is important that you engage with a professional

who is experienced and accomplished in delivering the type of experience that you are looking for.

ThroughMyLens Studio is THE place to be if you are looking for top-level photographic expertise and experience in any of the following:​

  • Model Portfolios

  • Birth Series compilations

  • Fantasy & Reality work

  • Erotica, Nude and Semi-nude portfolios

  • Portraits

  • Profile & Visual Biographies

  • Events & Special Occasions

  • Product Photography

  • Company Portfolios and 'A Day At The Office'

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